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doors in minimalist houses

Take a little tour of some of the case studies below which show houses with a minimalist feel. Lots of glass, render and wood are featured in these types of houses where 'less is more' comes to life. 

North Norfolk contemporary home with Iroko front door 

Every now and then we come across beautiful projects by our clients and this one doesn't disappoint. It has a variety of materials, including stone and chestnut cladding, a striking architectural presence and a truly bespoke and stunning door.   

We worked closely with the architects to create this bespoke doorset which has raised elements on the door and the sidelight and is also of a flush construction. The Iroko has darkened beautifully and demonstrates how well it works with different materials. We particularly love the sidelight as it shows how little glass needs to be visible to really create impact. 

On Cowper Griffiths Architects website, we found this description of the site and house: the new house replaces an existing built in the 1950s with a design that is sympathetic to the sensitive site on the edge of the sand dunes.

The form of the new house is made of a spiral of wedge shapes in three components. Two wedges oppose one another with one slid along side the other. The high point of each these two main wedge shapes is purposely directed towards the best views with dramatic open salt marshes extending to the sea to the north and in contrast the sheltered patchwork of tamed landscapes to the south. The third wedge is much smaller and skewed apart as it moves away to emphasize the spiral formation.

The living accommodation is elevated to take advantage of the distant views and to keep habitable areas above the flood plain.

The contemporary interior of the house comprises one large living space on the upper level with smaller cellular bedroom accommodation below.

The house incorporates traditional Norfolk materials in an innovative combination of coursed pebbles, weathered timber, structural glass, zinc roofing and high quality joinery.

Northern England: Porto front door in a minimalist house

Our client on this elegant home, wanted his entrance to do two jobs: hide the fact that the front door is actually small, and be extremely minimal. Due to the fact that the front of the house is so simple and plain, the door needed a bit of colour and using European Oak in this instance was a good choice. It adds depth and interest to the entrance. 

To achieve the minimal design, the door is flush to the frame, and to the adjacent cladding which fundamentally hides an internal room but also enlarges the front entrance.  To further increase the minimal feel of the entrance, our Option 20 handle, the concealed handle was specified and also adds to the beauty of the finished doorset.  

Once inside the space is visible and the truth revealed and is not a disappointment. Large and light the internal space is fabulous and not at all what you expect.

The flush Porto Pivot doorset in European Oak was supplied at a standard size of 1.2m x 2.4m

Hurst House : award winning minimalist house

This award winning house features our Porto E80 pivot door in Iroko. This choice of timber blends very well with the rest of the building with it's stone, rendered and grey features.  The architect specifically wanted the door to have a doubled up frame at the top for it to slot into the frameless glass storeylite. The internal view especially works with the stark yet impressive hall and staircase.

Portus homes: Oslo, Parma & Raw doors in a minimalist home

Sally Gorvin from Portus Homes tells us all about this fabulous development in Poole.

 For more information, contact Portus Homes

“The plot was initially chosen for it’s amazing elevated panoramic views of Poole Harbour. The house is set over three floors with garden room and bedrooms on the ground floor, living areas on the middle floor and the master suite taking up the whole of the top floor. The finishes have been kept as neutral as possible allowing any buyers to put their own stamp on the property.

Sally Gorvin

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