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Acorn Development 

This development in Bath comprises 4 x stunning townhouses all with identical Raw European Oak doors and sidelites. 

The External Details 

Acorn Developments were after contemporary hardwood doors for this development to bring in a natural element along with the stone and white walls.  The original design was for pivot doors, but due to the size needed for these, hinged doors were used instead at a standard 1040mm wide but at a taller height of 2400mm.  To ensure enough light was entering the hall a single slim side lite was used. 

Due to the fact that the development all faces the same way and is along the same facade all connected, the developer designers preferred that all the doors matched. 

The details: 

Raw e80 hinged doorsets in European Oak oiled with a single side lite in clear glass 

Letterplate and tidy 

Option 13 long pull handle 

The Internal Details

Choosing the simple and elegant Raw design was inspired here. It's likely to appeal to most clients, it's not fussy and it lends itself to most interiors. Oak softens an otherwise very white and grey interior so it is a great choice that works with everything even if the client were to have other hardwood furniture or belongings. 

The fact that you can see the door from other areas of the house proves how important the front door can be. 


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