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iroko wood doors

When Urban Front was established nearly 15yrs ago, Iroko wasn't used for doors and was more well known for its use as garden furniture or decking.  We decided we loved the colour and the grain and started making doors out of it and today it is our most popular wood choice. 

A very versatile wood as it works with many different brick and render colours, Iroko deepens once exposed to light into a deep golden brown.  If you are worried about how it works with other hardwood internally, it's worth considering that Iroko also works well with other hardwoods without clashing. 

London House

This Quattro e80 oversized pivot doorset in Iroko is quite the statement and our client has matched the internal hall walls with a similar Iroko cladding. 

The Quattro is a striking design with geometric vertical and horizontal grooves zigzagging over the door. The door has a door viewer and an Option 11a handle. 

Durham: Parma doors in iroko wood

A great development showcasing the use of our Parma E80 doorsets in Iroko. The doors are either single or with matching boarded panels. The houses tend to follow a U shape blueprint with an emphasis of differentiation focused on the front door areas.

Oaktree developments are responsible for this development, you can read more here:

Wiltshire: Neo front door in iroko wood

Everyone worries about matching their front door to the rest of the cladding on their house. As long as the timber is greying it's not at all that difficult. This house has cedar cladding and an Iroko front door and matching boarded panel. A great way to make a door feel wider (if you don't have the budget for a bigger door) is to have a matching panel (also available flush).

This door suits the entrance of the house really well with it's Scandinavian feel. We love the deep hue of the oiled Iroko and the simple Option 11 handle.

The design is a Neo E80 in Iroko oiled.

Cube House: Porto front door in iroko wood

A seriously successful new build by John Pardey Architects showing us exactly how to mix contemporary materials and end up with a beautiful looking cube house.

The design of this house with stone and wood cladding lends itself to the bold choice of front door in a stand out oiled Iroko. The Porto E80 pivot door is well framed with the use of dark grey and stone.

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