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Matching doors

You may believe that matching your front and garage doors is standard but it really isn't. So many choose not to and prefer to make their front door stand out from the rest of the building. There isn't a wrong or right choice here, you can do it both ways by matching or not. 

We've picked a few houses where the doors match perfectly so scroll down to have a good look at images and the descriptions. 

Mead House

This contemporary new build in Buckinghamshire has matching garage, front and side doors.

The architect Peter Knightley of TW2 Architects wanted the entrance door and the glazing to reflect the height of the internal spaces. The intention was for the front door to be concealed within the timber element of the entrance to appear the same inside and out. To achieve this the door is flush with the boarded side and storypanels. The same aesthetic works for the garage door the side door which is also concealed within the cladding that wraps from the garage door round to the side of the building. 

Front Door Design: Raw e98 flush hinged doorset with matching side and storeypanels

Handle: Option BZ11 in bronze

Garage: Up and Over automated garage door in the Raw design in Iroko

Side Door: Raw e80 hinged in Iroko

You can read more on this project in our Hallways Magazine

Mead Manor: matching front & garage doors 

As contemporary houses go, this one is rather special. The attention to detail, and the finishes used in addition to proportion tie the elevation up beautifully.

The client wanted a door that floated in the entrance in frameless glass, was a good contrast to cladding that would eventually grey and was minimal in design.

With this brief and their initial love for Fumed Oak, the option to go for a Raw V design was chosen. The Raw V is a design with no grooves with just the grain running vertically. Fumed Oak has some beautiful blonde strips in it too which adds depth and texture.

In order to fit the door into frameless glass, it needed a steel frame to support it which was fitted and hidden in our door frame with a rebate. If you’d like to know more about this go to fitting doors into architectural glass.

The garage door matches the front door in design and finish and is 5m wide.

The front door measures 1.2 x 2.4m

The cladding is Oak left to grey

Strawberry House: matching front & garage doors

We've been swooning over these images of this fab house ever since we got them.  This is exactly how to update a 1930's art deco house. We love all the little details like barred windows, grey internal doors and not to mention our fab front, side and garage doors. 

The house features our Raw E80 arched front door in a stained Oak with an Option 11 handle and letterplate, two side doors in Raw E80 in the same finish and the extension side door as a Terano E80. 

The garage doors are up and over doorsets in the same design - the Raw in stained Oak

Cheltenham: iroko wood matching front & garage doors

This development by an independent developer in Cheltenham actually featured two houses of the same design. They were finished to a very high standard with beautiful front doors in Iroko that complement the cladding and stone featured on the house.  The house also has striking triple garage doors in the Rondo design featuring stainless steel strips and varied spacing of the iroko boards.

Marcus Hawtin Builders wanted to make sure the entrance hall was grand so chose to go for large double doors rather than one single door in the glass entrance hall. They look stunning inside and out.

Gold House: white painted matching front & garage doors

Sometimes it's seeing houses like this where someone has made a very radical decision about their doors that you feel more confident about the decisions you are making. We must admit not being overly sure about this choice initially but have decided that we do really like the contrast of the white with the grey and bricks used.

The Milano pivot door although striking and pretty much a statement maker, works well in whatever finish you choose. In this case, it's in a brilliant white with an anthracite grey frame to match the aluminium windows.

The garage up and over Milano doorset is matching with a slightly different layout of the design as it's over such a large door

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