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Oversized doors

Size totally matters and the team at Urban Front are huge fans of going big with our doors. Extra wide. Extra tall. Extra large. You name it, we've created it! Our front doors can be made in bespoke sizes up to 1.5m wide x 3m tall.

If you study the history of doors, you'll see doors vary in size dramatically. In days gone by, most doors were smaller, designed to keep the heat in and costs down. In mansions and other grand residences however, they were built far bigger and sturdier to show off a certain level of wealth. 

Nowadays this might still apply to a degree, but it's very much worth 'going big' if you have the space to do so. Think impact, space and proportion - all of these can help you to make the right decision.

To help guide you, we've collated a few different case studies with some of our best big doors below. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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1. Hertfordshire: oak oversized door 

Size was the all important measure in this house renovation and extension. The owners were keen for a statement front door that fit with both the traditional exterior and contemporary interior styling. 

And so we went big - 1.5m x 2.1m to be exact. On the inside of the door the oak wood is finished with a white wash oil that perfectly complements the more modern interior. While on the outside, the black frame around this extra large front door is more prominent and works to both highlight the impressive nature of the door and bring the different building elements together. 

The large push handle by adds the finishing touch on this oversized standout. 

2. Watermead House: oversized door with matching panel

An unusual house needs an unusual door and for this project the specification was for an oversized door. To be more precise, the door had to give the illusion of being oversized. 

So at 3m tall and 1.2m wide, the opening was to take a shorter door with frameless section between it and it's boarded panel.  As you can see the result is of a very stylish door giving the opening height but still functioning as a normal doorway

3. Buckinghamshire: Wav oversized door in walnut

This project showcases our WAV front door design paired with handles by Philip Watts Design.

The door is pretty special due to it's size - 1.5m wide x 2.2m high and because it is operated using Finger Print Entry and a motorised lock.  We particularly like the glass above the door and the stark and contemporary entrance with the door taking centre stage.

Finger Print entry allows up to 100 finger prints to be entered and can be controlled by your phone allowing you to let someone in and also to bar them! It is also connected to the motorised locking which is a fail safe or fail secure system - if there is a fire or electric shortage the lock either automatically opens or locks the door.

4. London: oversized door in a contemporary extension

A great example of a fantastic extension on a traditional home in London which features our Neo V in European Oak.   This oversized doorset is full height and has been expertly fitted with the upper frame sunk into the ceiling to improve the visual impact.  The doorset is approximately 1.3m wide x 2.8m tall.

Matching it up with the cladding underneath the porch area really draws the eye in and elongates the doorset even further. What we love about this door is how it works so well in the contemporary extension but also compliments the traditional style of the original house.

Please note that doors like this that are fitted into glass should have a sprung pivot which is essentially a door closer. This allows the door to close without causing shuddering in the glass.

Extension Design and Build: Matthew Lennart Consultancy.

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