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decorating your door at Christmas

Decorating contemporary doors is a little more tricky than traditional doors. It's so easy to find traditional wreaths in green and red that work very well on a Victorian or Georgian house.

To make it easier for you I've had a look around at what's available and found these lovely wreaths to try on some of the doors in our showroom. I've tried to think a little out of the box and not go too contemporary as let's be honest - the traditional aspect of Christmas is the best part!

1. A bark and stick wreath on our vintage bronze doorset adds a bit of glamour and texture - it may not be very clear but this wreath does have a tinge of gold as well. Simple, effective and still keeps within that slightly traditional modern look.

2. A simple larger star works well with one of our larger doors (I'm in the shot to give you a real feel of how big this door is!) The star still looks tiny in comparison. But it's simple and very minimalist and works well with the door itself.  The Wave door shown is in a light grey stain.

3. Glittery and spiky and definitely closer to traditional than contemporary, I thought this wreath works well with our American Walnut doorset with the more brown tones going on.

4. A teal feathery wreath finishes off our Form design nicely - works very well with this twist on Victorian doorset and on a background of lightish grey RAL painted door. Featuring the unusual handle by Phillip Watts Design works very well too.

5. One last one showing wreath number 1. on a Fumed Oak door which also works well.

I picked up all of these wreaths from TKMaxx and Van Hague Garden Centre - none of them were over £20.

It feels too early to say it, but Merry Christmas!