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Urban Front: doors for developers

In today’s ultra-competitive world, we understand how important added value and differentiation are for you as a developer.

At Urban Front we’ve provided our contemporary doors for many standout development projects over the years. And we take great pride in the bespoke services we offer.

But in case you always thought a door is just ‘a door’, we’re here to show you how choosing the right door (or doors) can really help set you apart. And most importantly, how it can be the difference between ‘another house’ and a ‘dream home’ for your buyers!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with Urban Front, our offerings & prices and a selection of some previous development case studies.

Why you should consider investing in the quality of your door(s) for your development

The doors in your development not only form an important part of the fabric of the building(s) in terms of aesthetics. But vital performance functions like security and durability over time.

raw e80 hinged | european oak | option 13 handle | clear sidelite

While it goes without saying that no one wants to spend additional money on features they deem unnecessary. There is a very strong argument that investing in exceptionally high quality doors can only deliver added benefits for you and your customers in the long-run. 

  • If you are investing in quality you are investing in peace of mind for your buyer and yourself
  • Showing your buyers that you care with better door Security and therefore ‘the buyer's safety’ is a real added bonus
  • A front door is the first thing they see and therefore sets the tone to the rest of the building
  • You are investing in how well the product performs over time in terms of maintenance and functionality on their behalf
  • You care about detail and quality
  • There will be less snagging and less call back
No doubt at all that buyers are becoming more savvy, the majority - certainly after a certain price point are looking for better quality, better designed products and are less willing to compromise.  We have always believed people will pay a premium for a better specification, they do really care about the quality of the fabric of the building not just the finishing items. Robin Squire, Bristol Regional Managing Director of Acorn Property Group

Urban Front services for developers 

urban front developer services
FREE design service

Our free design service is offered during the quotation process. We will help you choose the right doors for your project and make sure they fit into the planned budget and design aesthetic. 

Complete doorset provided

We provide the door, frame, handles, locks, hinges and cill all fitted.

If you scroll down to our FAQ's below, the dropdown "What's included in a doorset?" gives a bit more information about what is and isn't provided fitted.

Additional configuration options (sidelights, panels etc.)

We can create single or multiple sidelights, storeylights, boarded panels, secondary doors and so on.

We can also provide our door(s) to fit into existing aluminium or frameless glazing or make you any of these additional pieces. 

Maintenance box supplied

All Urban Front doors are delivered with a free box of maintenance supplies as well as the fitting manual to keep for future reference. See the image for reference. 

Sales leaflet for your buyers

Some of our clients like to offer their buyers a choice of product finish etc. or the ability to upgrade their door if they've bought off plan. So we can provide you with a sales leaflet to help them make their decision. 

Videos for door installation

We supply a variety of fitting videos to help your fitters if they have not installed one of our doors before. If necessary, we can also send someone on site to help with details before ordering and after.

Online shop for keys & maintenance supplies

Your buyers can order keys and maintenance essentials once they've moved in from our website shop here

Door Price Indications

Here is an indication on our pricing structure. We offer Trade Discounts to developers so please do ask one of our Sales team. Scroll over the images to see the prices. 

Painted door:

Porto e80 hinged doorset in a painted RAL finish at 1040 x 2100mm £5700 + VAT plus handle and delivery

porto painted door developer package urban front

Hardwood door:

Porto e80 hinged doorset in a European Oak finish at 1040 x 2100mm £6700 + VAT plus handle and delivery

porto europeanoak door developer package urban front

Painted pivot package:

Terano e80 pivot doorset in a painted RAL yellow 1021 finish at 1500 x 2700mm £9700 + VAT plus handle and delivery

terano painted pivot developer package urban front

Stained hardwood door:

MilanoV e80 hinged in Oak stained ebony at 1200 x 2400mm £8245 + VAT plus handle and delivery

milanov oakstainedebony door developer package urban front

RAL door:

Numero e80 hinged doorset in a painted RAL anthractie grey finish at 1200 x 2400mm £7280 + VAT plus handle and delivery

numero painted door developer package urban front

Developer FAQs

porto | painted | letterplate | option 7 handle
Do you do trade prices for developers?

Yes we do. 

The price package examples above show the retail price of our doors. For developers we give pricing discounts for quantity and type of doorset purchased. We also do pricing based on how many projects you work with us on a year. 

How quickly can you deliver your doors?

Our usual delivery time is 8-12weeks depending on the type of door you have ordered. However, if you are in need of doors quicker please ask as we are sometimes able to make doors in 6weeks or less. 

Can you design a door especially for our development?

Yes this is possible but any design we come up with would have to be something that can be made in the same manufacturing processes that we currently use. 

What sort of maintenance can my buyers expect if they have one of your doors?

Maintenance depends on the door finish chosen but looks a bit like this: 

Painted RAL doors - approximately 4-6yrs before they need repainting 

Liquid metal doors - need waxing every 3-6months - this can be done in 20mins 

Oiled hardwood doors - need oiling anything between every 2months to once a year depending on location 

Lacquered hardwood doors - approximately 4-6yrs before they need re-lacquering and this can take a few days to complete. 

What is the most cost effective door you can provide?

The most cost effective doors we make are the painted RAL doorsets. 

If you are looking to keep the price of the doors down, then you should stick to standard sizes, and go with our simplest designs like the Raw, Porto, Parma and Terano.  You can see these doors by clicking here

Standard sizes are usually 1040 x 2100mm,  1200 x 2100, 1040 x 2400mm, 1200 x 2400mm. These sizes are for the door and frame and include cills. 

How are the doors delivered?

All of our doors are delivered as two pieces, with the door leaf in a plywood box and the frame wrapped separately. This is to make it easier to fit the frame and then fit the door into the frame. 

We don't recommend leaving the doors in the boxes for long. Advice about this is explained clearly on the box. 

What's included in a doorset?

Our doors are always made to include: 

The Door, frame, hinges, locks, any additional features like finger print entry/ alarm sensors/ door knockers, and door viewers. 

What is not fitted: 

The glass into the frame of any sidelites or storeylites, these are left tacked in so that you can screw behind the glass when fitting. If in doubt, we have videos on fitting glass and pivot doors etc so please ask us to send them to you. 

Our doorbells are not fitted , as they are only a push button and not the actual chime feature. 



Are you able to recommend a door to me if I send you the drawings/plans of my development?

Of course. 

We spend a lot of time with our clients suggesting doors and various options to help you keep within budget and still get the best looking product you can. 

This service is free during the quotation process and we are able to provide photoshopped images of how this will look on your development too. 


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