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4 ways to accessorise your door

Accessorising your door can dramatically change the look and feel you are trying to portray with your entrance.   

The trends shift so quickly that it isn’t always an easy task to undertake.  Here are four ways to accessorise that we think are the most effective: 

1. Handles

Simple but essential! The texture and colourway of a handle can change the feel and style you are creating. Bronze for instance is more classic than stainless steel and black or red is more contemporary and daring than other materials. A simple door can be transformed with an expensive handle in solid bronze as that becomes the focal point that any passer by will concentrate on.

Choosing a pull handle over a lever handle can be more contemporary for instance but not necessarily; this can depend on design.

Using a handle side ways or towards the bottom of the door instead of centred near the lock can also change the look and feel.  Having no handle at all is another way to create statement, or using a concealed handle is a simple way to say 'style' and 'minimalist'. 

A circular door knob is more traditional than a square one. Every simple detail makes a statement, its how you use it that is essential.

2. Add designer detail

To define designer detail I am particularly concentrating on features in the face material of the door that create interest and are subtle but very effective in creating the illusion of an accessory.

For example, etching in the glass side lites or etching a number or name in the wood. Other ways to do this could include using a concealed handle or a concealed lock (some handles are available with this option), finger print entry, a flush detail between the door and frame, a particular design on the face of the door or even a striking colour like pink or yellow.

Design then becomes an accessory.

3. Door accessories like lights, postboxes & door numbers

Choosing accessories is a serious business especially due to the amount of choice available these days. I think the main rules to remember are:

  • Try not to match everything - mixing materials and different finishes can create a much more unique look. For example, rust numbers and concrete postboxes can work very well together.
  • Think of accessories as an upgrade to your door just like taps are to a sink/basin. Using a large door number by a simple door creates interest or choosing a light that is more like art than a functional item can be quite dynamic.

4. With overhangs, porches, glass boxes & more

A really interesting way to accessorise your entrance is to use the area surrounding your door as a way to emphasise its beauty. Surrounding your door with cladding in a contrasting colour or finish or using a glass box entrance to house your door will certainly create an attractive result. Overhangs in copper, zinc, and rust finishes work to highlight the area even further. You can add texture with stone cladding or a simple rust door overhang.

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