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painted doors

Contemporary doors in a painted finish are gaining popularity and with so many colours to choose from its not an easy task. When we say colour, we aren't just talking about bright colours - there are so many different shades of black, grey and white for instance that it can really take time and a lot of thought.  

Keep in mind that you don't have to match your doors to your windows or garage door so do think outside the box and consider choosing a contrasting colour.  If that is too much of a step for you consider going a few shades lighter or darker than your windows or garage door. Making sure your front door stands out as 'special' can really add interest and shout 'Come in'.  

Olive painted door

It's definitely tricky to choose a door for a building with so much cladding and cladding that is also a bit of a statement.  Many clients either match the cladding, choose a much darker wood to go with the cladding or let the cladding silver and then it doesn't matter what color the door is.  (You can read more about this here:  

With so much cladding on this building, it was imperative that the door blended in and didn't make too much of a statement so the developer chose to match the door to the windows. This olive paint color is quite striking and lends itself well to the interior finishes especially the natural wood of the staircase. Using black door furniture has also lifted the door giving it a bit of a wow factor. 

Door Details: Porto e80 hinged doorset in a RAL painted finish with Option 10a in black 

Developer: Shaptor Capital 



Purple front door

Being brave with colour isn’t easy, it takes a little daring and a hope that the colour a) Works and doesn’t jar with everything else, b) Enhances the exterior and interior and c) Creates joy every time you come home or you use the door!

So when this client sent her initial enquiry, she wasn’t quite sure what to go for but knew she wanted something that bridged the traditional with the contemporary elements in her new house and worked well with black windows. 

Originally, the architect who worked the CGI visualised a hardwood door which the client wasn’t sure about. We recommended the Form doorset which comes with 2 squares or one long rectangle. The Form looks best in a RAL color and she was sure she wanted it to have one long rectangle and have a painted version.

The purple front door colour choice was all the client's and a great selection for the design. Purple can be tricky. Note how the rest of the interior is white with black and the textures are shiny and smooth on the interior.

The house exterior features strong brick and beige painted bay windows. Interestingly we think the purple sits well here and isn’t too strong or "out there" set in the black aluminium curtain wall.

The door: Form e80 pivot doorset in a purple RAL painted finish

Size: 1200mm x 2200m

Builders: QSC ltd

Yellow painted door

It is unlikely that another house could demonstrate the importance of the front door more than the yellow door house. The amount of possible viewpoints of the door from various rooms implies how much of an impact a single door can have!' Door Couture: a unique perspective of contemporary door design

Beige stone, dark grey brick and untreated cedar cladding plus a yellow door = a winning formula. Our simple Parma E80 Pivot doorset in a standard 1.2m x 2.4m is given drama with the RAL colour 1032.

Designer: Bliss Space

Architect: Waugh Thistleton Architects

Green painted door

Our client on this particular project was keen to use Lotus Green for sentimental reasons, a colour that meant a lot to her mother. It's not a colour you see everyday but definitely a choice that shows grey isn't your only option.

The E80 Pivot Terano RAL doorset with clear glass etched side lite with special letterplate and handle option 8, even works spectacularly from the inside.  With an all white interior, contemporary walnut staircase and concrete floors, the green stands out beautifully. 

The architects on this project were Jane Duncan Architects. Please go to for more information.

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