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Place your order by 15th October for delivery before Christmas (for hardwood/painted doors). New steel/bronze door orders will be ready for delivery from the New Year.

door finishes & woods

Urban Front offer a wide variety of door finishes and wood choices to create your perfect door. 

natural hardwoods

All of our front door designs are available in our natural hardwoods below. We also offer reclaimed oak or pine in our "Barn" design if you're after an authentic, rustic finish.

european oak

This yellowish-gold brown hardwood is known for its high strength properties and its durability. Its moisture movement is medium, has a good density with a medium to coarse texture. European Oak shown here without any finish.

European oak wood | Door finishes | Urban Front

american black walnut

Walnut is dark brown / black or a rich purplish-black colour, has a fine even texture and coarse grain. We advise that it is used in a semi-protected area and maintained frequently. ABW shown here without any finish.

American walnut wood | Door finishes | Urban Front

fumed oak

Fumed Oak ranges in colour from deep brown to honey-brown. These colours coupled with intense blonde streaks occurring throughout the timber from the secondary process of fuming keep it rich and intense. Available for internal & external use.

Fumed oak wood | Door finishes | Urban Front


When freshly cut, Iroko has a distinct yellow colour and only changes to a golden brown when exposed to light. With excellent strength properties, it compares well with teak. Iroko shown here without any finish.

Iroko wood | Door finishes | Urban Front

The beauty of hardwood is that it is not only versatile, but changeable over time. The properties of Urban Front's natural hardwoods add to the uniqueness of each and every door

metallic finishes

There aren't enough superlatives in the world to describe the beauty of our metallic finished doors. But if exclusive luxury is your thing, we've got the door for you.

These unique finishes are available in our "Raw" and "Parma" front door designs.

Learn more about our bronze & copper metallic finished doors here.

textured bronze 101

Bronze 101 | Door finishes | Urban Front

silver bronze 110

Bronze 110 | Door finishes | Urban Front

vintage bronze 111

Bronze 111 | Door finishes | Urban Front

copper bronze 112

Bronze 112 | Door finishes | Urban Front

colour painted finishes

choose your colour from the RAL chart

door finishes RAL painted Urban Front

grey painted

Grey painted | Door finishes | Urban Front

yellow painted

Yellow painted | Door finishes | Urban Front

black painted

Black painted | Door finishes | Urban Front

blue painted

Blue painted | Door finishes | Urban Front
A standout colour keeps the overall door style contemporary, while adding interest Urban Front offers a wide range of painted colour choices so you can find the perfect match for your home or development

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