Urban Front - Contemporary Front Doors UK


Design & Manufacture


Nabil and Elizabeth Assaf work together on every door design that reaches the public.  25 years of experience have led us to where we are now, and we take great care to ensure that the process of design leads organically into the manufacture and hand finishing of every single door that leaves our workshop


The door construction process starts by welding and calibrating the steel to form the steel reinforced core section of the door, which is then coated in an anti-corrosive finish.  A layer of paraffin insulation with special moisture resistant aeration channels are introduced to provide one the highest insulated door leaves in Europe for the E98Passiv range (Door leaf U-value tested to 0.8 W/m2K).  The most important unique part that helps to insure the stability and moisture evaporation from the exterior natural wood layer is the stabilising layer which is placed over the insulation and finally 2 carefully selected 20mm natural solid wood layers are laid to form the interior and exterior faces of the door. 

The final stage is decoration, which involves hours of handcrafted detail work. Every detail of which is applied or routed by hand by our highly skilled joiners.

The doorset follows a stringent quality control process and is tested to a very high standard to ensure it conforms to the latest european CE directives and the highest level of performance and security.