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The discussions that go on in our office and workshop would surprise you – as they are about materials, finishes, structure and technicalities you wouldn’t even know existed for doors!

That’s what makes our doors so special –  the amount of time and effort put into every door – every finish and every item that is used on them. 

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We really do hand finish each door over and over till we are happy it meets our very tough quality control. So what’s the process? Who does what and what’s involved in making a door? 

We start off right at the very beginning with the architect or client working on what their vision is and how we can help to achieve it. Toing and froing with ideas, drawings and samples are a big part of the process.

It is not unknown to take months before a decision is taken on what finish or what type of door function or design is needed.  A final CAD drawing is signed off by the client and then we get ready for production, buying in the products not in stock and preparing to make ‘the door’. The hardwood is prepped and shaped, frames are made, sanding is completed and the CNC works its magic by cutting out hinges, locks and wiring channels. 

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The workshop team then assemble all the elements, preen and individually work on each door – hanging and swinging it to make sure all is correct before it goes off to be finished and all the furniture is fitted. Every one of our doors is also burned with our logo because we are very proud of our product and want you to be too.

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Even our process of packing is extensive as we need to ensure that your beautiful door arrives undamaged wherever it is going in the world. 

It doesn’t stop there, we have step-by-step videos available to help your fitters and support by phone if it’s needed anytime during that process. 

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