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Steel Doors

We are super excited to have our new steel doors now available to view in our showroom. 

We have 2 doors with 4 designs on display including our:

Rust finish steel door with concealed handle

rust finish steel door Urban Front

Black steel door

black steel door Urban Front

Bronze steel door with vision panel

bronze steel door with a vision panel by Urban Front

Steel door + leather padded internal door face finish

yellow leather panel steel door by Urban Front

What are the benefits of a steel door?

Steel doors are the perfect alternative to hardwood doors if your door is very exposed or you prefer a door which needs no maintenance.

Urban Front steel doors are available:

  • as hinged or pivot,
  • with five point locking,
  • with optional finger print entry,
  • as Grade 3 security tested,
  • in water tightness Class 7A,
  • in wind resistance Class C3
  • in air permeability Class 4. 

Made of natural steel with an insulated core, our new range of steel doors suits a variety of locations and applications.

They also retain an industrial feel as the steel has imperfections and weathers as you would expect steel to in an exposed location.

You can come along to our showroom in office hours Monday to Friday without an appointment or on Saturdays by appointment only

For more details please do contact our office on 01494 778787 or info@urbanfront.co.uk