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External Doors

Everyone is looking for that ‘wow’ factor for the front of their house.  Urban Front’s contemporary external doors really can achieve this. With so many different external doors to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Most of our timber front doors have stainless steel fittings or panels and suit many different types of houses. An external door needs to meet lots of criteria; mainly, have good security features, withstand weathering in addition to performing well and looking good. Most external front doors are only 40mm thick and therefore are very light and easy to kick in. Urban Front’s external timber doors are 70mm thick minimum and although they are quite heavy close with a sturdy clunk snugly onto the weather seal.

All of our external front doors have been tested to high standards and in addition to looking good, perform exceptionally well. However all customers should be aware that any of our external doors do need to be maintained continuously in order not to lose that beautiful finish and that ‘wow’ factor.