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Yellow Door House

A striking yellow door on a Contemporary house

Images Info
UF BBL 17 025 casestudy
Full house shot of yellow door house
UF BBL 17 014casestudy
Parma E80 front door in yellow
UF BBL 17 005casestudy
Hallway shot with piano and Parma E80 front door in yellow with Option 11 handle
UF BBL 17 007
Living room with yellow door in background
UF BBL 17 021casestudy
Close up of the Parma design and Option 11 handle
UF BBL 17 013casestudy
Parma E80 Pivot front door in yellow
UF BBL 17 018casestudy
Walnut, blue and stairs with yellow door in distance
UF BBL 17 019
View to the countryside
UF BBL 17 027
House from field

'It is unlikely that another house could demonstrate the importance of the front door more than the yellow door house. The amount of possible viewpoints of the door from various rooms implies how much of an impact a single door can have!' - a quote from our Door Couture book which features a case study of the yellow door.

Beige stone, dark grey brick and untreated cedar cladding plus a yellow door = a winning formula. Our simple Parma E80 Pivot doorset in a standard 1.2m x 2.4m is given drama with the RAL colour 1032.

Designer: Bliss Space www.blissspace.co.uk

Architect: Waugh Thistleton Architects http://waughthistleton.com/