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Boyles Farm

A simple but effective door solution With the Porto in European Oak

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20170922 boyle farm 0513 Main
Exterior of Boyles Farm
20180112 staithe house 0084 Main
Imposing double height glazed entrance
20170922 boyle farm 0319 Main
Exterior and entrance hall with timber cladding
20170922 boyle farm 0190 Main
Interior of timber clad galleried entrance
Contemporary front doors
Entrance hall showing frosted side-panels
20170922 boyle farm 0560 Main
Rear view of Boyles Farm

A lot of our clients strive to achieve a sleek front door in an all glass entrance. A Porto E80 doorset in European Oak with a few simple details really works well here. Combining a concealed handle with a thicker frame on two sides has really given this door elegance. The all black aluminium surrounding it in addition to the galleried area above, frame the door well - not to mention that fabulous oak cladding all the way around the door and that impressive chandelier.

It's great that you can see all the way through the house too from the back garden and that the front door is so visible from both sides.

 Architect: Concept 8 www.concept8.co.uk