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The Shutter House

Mixing hardwoods has never been so exciting

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This elegant home in the South of England got us very excited when we saw the images. Mainly because it is a perfect example of a Fumed Oak door and how well it works with other timbers. 

Fumed Oak in itself is a regal wood with lovely pattern and blonde strips so pairing it with a painted RAL frame may seem odd. But these photos prove that it can be a success. Adding a hand cast bronze handle as the finishing touch also proves successful. Going for a dark wood to compliment the light timber is a great way to give the door a Wow factor and add interest.

The house is designed by http://lewandowskiarchitects.com/

The door is our Rondo V e80 hinged doorset in Fumed Oak with a painted grey RAL frame with our Option BZ2 Bronze handle.