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An exciting new Louvre Roof System

If you are one of our repeat customers, you’ll know that we constantly go on about making sure your door is protected from the elements wherever possible. Which is why I was very excited to see these amazing Umbris Louvre roofs by IQ Glass just launched on the market here in the UK. I always get asked for alternatives to basic wooden/glass porches so here is your chance to design something different into your or your clients’ house.  

Rebecca Clayton from IQ Glass says that "Louvre Roofs provide an effective solar shading solution for architectural design projects. By using fully automated louvres you can immediately stop or reduce the amount of solar radiation that can penetrate an elevation of glass. Users have control over the glazing to either heat a space through solar gain in cool winter months or shade internal spaces during the warmer summer time." As well as the fully automated louvre of the Umbris system, fixed timber elements can be included into the design to create a natural and unique roof installation for a garden, seating area or entrance.

For more information about this fantastic product, please go to https://www.umbris.uk/en/product or https://www.iqglassuk.com



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