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Choosing doors for houses with cladding

About ten years ago it was unusual to see individual houses with cladding and they were considered a bit of a novelty. Not anymore!

Now, nearly 80% of the houses we make doors for have cladding of some sort, be it all over or on one part of the building. And here is the dilemma most of our customers face: what door will look right? There are a variety of questions to answer and decisions to make.

The questions to ask when it comes to cladding

When I do my design clinic the list of questions I ask and information I give, runs something like this:

Is the cladding being left to weather or is it being treated? This determines whether or not it’s necessary that the front door matches the cladding.

Usually if cladding is going to be left to silver, the finish of the door is easier to choose. If the cladding is going to be finished to keep it’s original colour, then matching or going for a painted finish works better.

However, there is also the option to go for an opposite colour completely. For example, choosing a dark wood like wenge or fumed oak to work with western red cedar cladding.

Is the cladding going to be horizontally or vertically boarded or even both? A lot of customers believe that everything should match but in reality, the door can be more of a focal point if the boarding is going a different direction. This also reduces the difficulty of matching the door exactly to cladding that comes right up to the door.

If the house has a lot of cladding, it’s also worth considering not going down the hardwood look and going for a painted RAL finish. This works particularly well if the house has more than 50% cladding over the surface of it. Making this choice, breaks up the timber look and creates even more of a focal point.

Never an easy decision – I always say if you can work in photoshop or with render of your house it really helps to envisage the end result.

If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.