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Door couture: Choosing design

If you look at all the new houses being built at the moment you’ll notice a move towards simple uncomplicated design with dark or frameless windows, render, sometimes cladding and occasionally gallery style entrances. The general consensus is that doors are easy to specify but the reality is that the choice becomes complicated on a few different fronts not only because of design but more so for longevity of said design and its ability to define the entrance and keep within a certain trend.

The trends edging more to the unconventional have meant that larger doors are more popular with increasingly daring colours and surface design; in particular this year we have made more yellow doors than ever before – when I say yellow I mean a very bright startling yellow. You may argue that ‘good design’ never goes out of fashion despite the colours. I would refute by saying that some ‘good design’ can be tricky in gaining longevity especially when colour and pattern is involved (although to be honest you can change the colour if need be). It’s about avoiding something too outlandish but still keeping a sense of individuality. Modernism is an example of this – nowadays Le Corbusier is identified as a symbol of good long lasting design – it’s distinctive and functional.

So to put that all into perspective, what would be the best way to gain longevity with your front door choice? An ability to be striking and impressive but timeless may seem to be nearly impossible to achieve on a door.

Here are a few ways to achieve the above: 

  1. Keeping the design simple but functional. Vertical designs are more likely to stand the test of time and remain ‘classic’. 
  2. Subdued colours and hardwood that is lighter in colour – raw being the functional word here.
  3. As few gadgets as possible. Finger print entry and electric latches are difficult to replace and upgrade without damaging the door so it is a case of the mechanical solutions outlasting technical gadgets and advances.

‘Good design’ can easily be achieved if trend isn’t really in the equation. Trends come and go and although exciting may not always be the right choice for longevity. We are very happy to help you make that almighty decision so do give us a call if you are in any doubt on which way to go.

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