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Home automation – What’s possible?

Nearly every single client who calls us at the moment asks us whether or not our doors are compatible with their home automation systems. Can they open their door via their phone? Can they buzz someone in? Can they use fingerprint entry? Will it work with Crestron, Savant, Lutron and Control 4? Can we make sure their garage stays a certain temperature?

The answer is of course yes, and it is actually very simple. We offer our clients the option of electric latches, motorised locking and fingerprint entry on our front doors among other things like automated pet flaps (yes, really!) and other forms of entry systems. We wire through the door leaving the wires ready for installation and then on site your electrical engineer would make sure everything works correctly including pressing a button and being able to open your blind or starting your heating.

Elie Kfoury of Intellicasa, The Intelligent Home Specialists, has recently worked for a mutual client and explains how they work. ‘Our skilled and qualified solution architect and engineers specialise in delivering excellence in five key areas such as Procurement, Design, Engineering, Installation and Programming of electrical and electronic devices/system for home automation (this includes Lighting and HVAC solution) says Mr. Kfoury.

The system design solutions help guarantee exceptional savings by reducing energy consumption. Intellicasa make certain that customers have a one-of-a-kind system providing a reliable and robust solution to integrate with different technologies. Each system is designed to be fully automated and scalable. It is designed using a centralised structure, hence the system enable its user to gain control over all services/systems locally via Wall keypad or Remote controls and the option to control remotely using any Internet enabled mobile devices e.g. smart phones, laptop, etc.

For more information about your door, please contact us on info@urbanfront.co.uk or contact Elie Kfoury at Intellicasa at www.intellicasa.co.uk or on +44 (0) 20 7205 2536 for any home automation queries.

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The front door shown in the images, is one of our Parma E80 hinged front doors painted in a RAL grey colour shown with handle Option 10. 

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