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How bespoke can you go?

‘How bespoke can you go?’ asked one of our architect clients recently.  Our answer ‘ Well, as bespoke as you like, it all depends whether it fits within our tested manufacturing techniques in order to maintain performance’. And it does depend on budget - like anything, it’s mostly possible, but it could take a lot of work.
We all know that most designers have a vision that they really want to see achieved and in the most cost effective way possible. We’ve been asked to make some difficult sections and complicated, detailed entrances in the past, but how much flexibility is there IN MAKING SURE THAT PERFORMANCE IS STILL MAINTAINED? And does it have to cost the earth?
What most clients don’t realise is that as soon as you take a door and change the way it’s made, the process slows down because you’ve taken it off an approved and tested production process, it also become labour intensive because you have someone designing those changes, drawing up those amendments and then making them happen which involves controlling the new production process. In addition to any extra materials needed to make those bespoke amendments and sourcing them in small quantities.
However, working closely with us can minimise the changes that need to happen to facilitate your design. You might also be surprised at how much can be achieved with very small changes to achieve the required desired effect, especially when in our workshop we can tailor make and craft by hand to get there.

Some of the bespoke detail, we can achieve includes:

1. Flush frame and door (to cladding, side panels, overpanels)
2. Oversized doors up to 3.2m tall and 1.5m wide BUT STILL MAXIMISING STABILITY 
4. Bespoke frames to meet detailed fitting requirements
5. Structural engineering requirements for the larger doors within glass
6. Detailed cills – various changes to accommodate fitting
7. Extra large garage doors integrated side lites

- unique designs tailored to clients’ needs
- It's harder to achieve that special aesthetic with a standard door that can be achieved with large oversized doors
- offering solutions that cannot be offered through standard production

- price
- manufacturing lead times
- even though manufacturing technics are kept within the same or as close as our standard production and still carries our same product guarantee, bespoke production is outside the scope of certification. 

When in doubt of what is possible and how much it will cost extra to do, do send us drawings of what you have in mind, our team will make sure to give you at least 3 options and their costs before getting into the nitty gritty.
We’ve collated some images of some of our more complicated projects as well, but do visit our case study section for more information about the work we have done with our clients on projects.

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