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Life beyond 7016 (anthracite grey)

Yes, anthracite grey is very popular still but the trend is shifting to colour. Check out some of the different colours our customers are using in the images here.

Our client who has used the green wanted to use her mothers favourite colour and keep a little of a traditional feel. The yellow used on another home was a statement choice creating a wow entrance. If you aren't so bold as to go red or yellow, try a softer grey instead and then you will still be using colour but not necessarily being too strong with it.

Bronze and metallic colours are also very popular at the moment.  If your windows are in dark grey, why not try to go for a lighter colour just for your door as that's also a great way to give an entrance its own identity and create a focal point.

We can finish in all the RAL colours except those that are metallic. Have a look here for more inspiration.

ral lotus green
como 15
UF KIR 007 lightgrey