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Marrying Traditional with Contemporary

How do you make your home flow properly from outside to inside when you have a traditional exterior and a contemporary interior? Choosing a front door that doesn’t create an imbalance is critical – too contemporary and the house looks wrong and too traditional and walking right into a very minimalist room will be somewhat of a shock to your visitors.

Doors can definitely bridge this gap and if you follow these simple rules it should be quite a simple exercise:

  1. The key is simple vertical or horizontal lines with not too much fuss. A lot of contemporary designs originate from a traditional design anyway, so sticking to a simple design keeps things as classic as possible.
  2. The choice of material is essential – choose a more traditional timber like oak or a stained wood or go the other way and keep it classic with a more classic or modern RAL colour. Dark colours are always quite a safe choice too.
  3.  Keep your door furniture not too overbearing. You can choose a large stainless steel knob or a simple contemporary lever handle instead of a more contemporary long pull handle.
  4. Incorporate a contemporary feature for the function of the door like a pivoting hinge, but keep the design classic.  A Porto design in European Oak, in a slightly larger size would work well in this case.
  5. Making the inside and outside of the door different finishes can also help when you have the opposite scenario of a contemporary architectural house and a more traditional interior.
  6. If there is any glass on either side of the door – it’s also a good idea to divide the glass in the side lites to create a more traditional look in comparison to having one large side lite which is more contemporary.
  7. Avoid trendy detail like stainless steel strips as this will be too fashionable for a traditional look.  However, it can work on a house that isn't too old in a traditional style, see our Form design for inspiration. But do consider bronze door furniture as an option on a contemporary door to add a traditional feel. 
  8. Use a more traditional looking glass vision panel in a contemporary door, see our Como design for an example.
  9. Metal finishes can also create a good merge of traditional and contemporary – rust and bronze are good choices.

If you’d like any more advice, or would like to know more about the images alongside this blog, do send us an email or call our office info@urbanfront.co.uk Tel: 01494778787

Modern door on a traditional property
Modern door on a traditional property
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