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internal doors with a twist

Of all the calls we get in our design office, the most demanding are always the ones that are trying to make internal doors work within a certain theme or interior. Choosing finishes that compliment and don’t jar is pretty hard with a door because it takes up such a large area in a room.

You can see here from our beautiful images of the Root in dark grey with white frames, that even the most daring can improve the way a room appears. In this case, the rooms become interesting and compelling and yet they remain simple. The designers of the house, in central London, have echoed the floor keeping three basic colours of white, grey and brown. Brown works here as an accent colour.

There is continuously the chance that you will overdo it, but keeping it simple and adhering to the three colour rule will most likely work. I personally think that even without a designer you can make your own mood boards – overlaying finishes and textures to insure the final look blends well.

Don’t be afraid to also include more than one door design and finish depending on where the doors are in the house.

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