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cold outside, warm inside

Why steel reinforcement and a ventilation system make all the difference for your door’s performance.

We all look for that special heavy clunk when we close our door – it determines that it’s solid and gives us that protection from the elements that we all want. But what does that special clunk really mean? In the case of Urban Front it means, a very hefty door at 80mm or 98mm thick with high insulation and steel reinforcement. I’ve had clients ask in the past if they really need such a thick door. I’d say yes, and here is why:

In the winter, your hardwood door will expand and contract because of the heat inside and the cold outside. The insulation in your door will not protect the door from warping – what does that is the steel reinforcement which acts as a frame pushing against the hardwood as it expands. Hardwood is very strong and sometimes can be stronger than steel. To combat this problem, we have a ventilation system in our doors that allows air to rotate within the door and escape through special areas in the bottom of the door and threshold. This air prevents the build-up of moisture in the wetter months of the year and therefore reduces swelling.

These very simple systems really help to keep your door from sticking and warping and the thickness of your door determines these assets. The 0.89 – 1.1UV come as a bonus as well!

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