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Passive House

There seems to be a real interest in Passive House at the moment and contrary to popular belief I don’t think it’s just about saving money on bills. People are trying to be eco conscious even if it costs them more in the first place. Surprisingly most of our customers aren’t really interested in the Passive House certification or label – they are more concerned in what the principles of it can do for them.

So what’s Passive House in layman terms? Simply, it’s a super airtight house which gives you a room temperature of anything between 18 - 23 degrees Celsius in the summer and winter without any air conditioning or heating. Vigorous testing is done to ensure that there are no leaks in the building fabric and that only a certain amount of volume of air escapes in the space of any one hour. This also means that you should expect your yearly gas bills to be no more than about £100 or £150. Not bad at all you would say. I am sure those reading this actually building their own Passive homes could teach me a thing or two about it

Sounds simple, but in reality it’s harder to build and to get right than a standard building and costs a whole lot more. It’s no mean feat either to find doors that work with a contemporary looking building that are certified Passive House. We get so many calls about this – in the UK the problem is the lack of suitable certified companies. But things are turning and, mark my words, there is a great future for Passive House in the UK. It won’t be long before it will not be considered futuristic and will become mainstream.