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Project in progress: Incurvo

Every now and then, the lovely architects we work with send us images of projects in progress – some we wait up to 18 months to see our doors actually fitted on to. With our Passiv E98 Porto doors shortly going into production for Incurvo House, we thought it would be great to show you how the project is going.

Adrian James, Director of Adrian James Architects, tells us about their exciting project:

“Incurvo is a radical new house in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The new villa sits in the centre of a large mature garden, but it’s a long way from a conventional four-square villa; this is a dynamic sensuous form which beckons the visitor around its sweeping curves.

The dominant local building material is a luminous orange brick; this house is all about exploiting the extraordinary plasticity of the humble brick. The house is a viscous form petrified. The strong sense of movement embodied in the shape is frozen in time by its brick carapace; it is an English butte, part of but proud of the lush surrounding landscape.

The bronze and the brick cladding are specified both for their beauty and for their zero-maintenance longevity. This is part of the sustainability programme for the house: it is not just a lifetime home, but a multi-generational home designed to last by being loved.

And it will be an ecological exemplar, its performance easily surpassing the Government’s 2016 zero-carbon requirement in energy efficiency alone.”

In addition, the builders on the project, Mike Jacob, Trunk Low Energy Building, sent us the great shot of the project on site and says “This is a remarkable project to be involved in – complex and challenging, but rewarding in equal measure”.


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