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Size Matters: How to think big.

I want to talk about big doors. The bigger the better – in our office that’s what gets us all excited. The trend for bigger doors has finally hit our shores and I’d like to talk about how to think big!

Oversized doors, a question of space

I’m always extremely surprised when customers call us about their extensions and new builds and mention the sizes they have allowed for their doors. Most of the time the doors are much smaller than you’d imagine.

It doesn’t even seem to matter if they are double doors. My question is why? Why not have a big door if you have the space? So, what is it you need to think about?

Start by thinking about the space you have to play with and how you could transform it to fit a large door and side lites perhaps. Keeping in mind the need for light and space. Drawing your elevation over and over really helps till you come up with something you can visualise.

Always consider the proportion and how it would suit your house. A two up and two down house wouldn’t look right with a very large door. Neither would a huge house sit well with a tiny door. Or for that matter too much glass and a small door!

Design matters when it comes to an oversized door

Consider how the design would work with the house. Although bigger doors seem to be associated with the more contemporary home, a lot of our customers are renovating barns and more traditional homes where bigger doors (double and pivot) work extremely well.

Always think of the proximity to stairs and the amount of space left to swing. Pivot doors really are functional and beautiful but you have to be aware of the fact that the pivot hinge sits 200mm from the edge of the door and therefore reduces the door opening size. If you need space – you would need to consider double doors.

Think about what you’d like your door to establish. If it’s just to wow then that should be your priority after design. Size can change everything about your entrance.

Now, after all that you need to consider that your door needs to PERFORM. Bigger doors are not as stable and tend to have issues with performance. So make sure you think about that when you are looking at a large door say with a steel frame. Steel frames can bow too! (Really that’s where Urban Front come in – our very large doors have guarantees against warping and are well known to perform).

At the end of the day, big doors give the impression of grandeur but can also simplify an entrance and provide a focal point to the whole elevation of your home. Think big and you may just end up with the perfect sized entrance.

Urban Front's Wav design on an oversized oak front door
Urban Front's Wav design on an oversized oak front door