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Urban Front celebrate 10 years in business

It’s been an exciting time here at Urban Front as we gear up to celebrate our 10th Anniversary this February 2015. Not only have we had a fantastic year, we’ve also got an even more amazing year planned with lots of great products and a party to boot! 

So where did it all begin and what have we actually achieved in those 10 years? 

The idea for Urban Front started much earlier than 2005, in fact it was 2003 that the seed was planted when the founders, Nabil and Elizabeth Assaf, were renovating a 1970’s house and couldn’t find a door that was contemporary enough and made out of wood. Although both the founders knew nothing about doors, they decided to make their own and used it for their house. For quite a while after the door was fitted, lots of people would knock on the door to ask where it was from and the Assaf’s felt a niche was there to be taken advantage of. 

Two years of research followed into the making of doors. Nabil was a banker and Elizabeth worked in television production however together they had developed property on the side for five years and completed a design course.

In 2005, after finding a company to make the doors for them, the Assaf’s launched Urban Front from a tiny office in Watford. It took another two years to set up a workshop in Watford and to start manufacturing in house. They’ve never looked back. They were the first company in the UK to design a dedicated contemporary range of doors with high quality finishes.

Over the last six years, we’ve dedicated a lot of research and development time to our anti-warp highly insulated doors taking them from 45mm thick in 2005 up to 98mm (Passive House) in 2014. We’ve concentrated time and effort on fire and security ratings, double and triple rebated doors with high insulation, sourcing from the best suppliers in Europe and beyond. We’ve launched Pivot doors as standard production, large oversized doors, Passive House doors, painted and internal doors and garage doors all with a concentration not only on design, but on performance, and a dedication to high quality. 

So what about the future? This year we are planning major security testing in addition to becoming FSC registered and we have our sights firmly on the USA.

Urban Front doors sell worldwide and are manufactured in Buckinghamshire, UK. 

UF celebrates 10 years 850x570