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LPS1175 Security Testing

Urban Front are very pleased to announce that they have completed and achieved LPS1175-Grade 2 security testing for their E80 S doorset in sizes up to 1200 x 2400mm (size includes frames) in addition to iso9001 Quality Management Certification.

LPCB’s Window and Doors High Security scheme is carried out to Loss Prevention Standard LPS1175 and involves assessing their resistance to intruders. This standard comprises a range of manual intervention tests and can be applied to doors manufactured from most commonly available materials.  The E80s withstood rigorous testing in the areas of:  glass, frame and lock security including vision panels, leaf hardware and door construction.

LPS1175 is a requirement of the current Part Q building regulations.

The difference between LPS 1175 / PAS 24* as quoted by BRE Global  

LPS 1175 differs in a number of ways from PAS 24 (used in LPCB’s Residential security scheme), notably in its approach to intruders that are willing to risk making noise in their attempts to enter a property.

PAS 24 considers resistance to opportunist criminals who wish to gain entry by stealth and without making noise that might attract attention. PAS 24 does not, for example, address breaking glass as an entry method. Products approved to PAS 24 are therefore best suited to domestic properties and others with either 24/7 occupancy or high volumes of personnel passing near the door/window concerned.  

LPS 1175 evaluates a product’s resistance to forced entry by a wider range of intruders, including those unconcerned about making noise. Under LPS 1175, breaking glass is – as in the real world – recognised as a mode of entry for prospective thieves and is part of the assessment process.

LPS 1175 approved products are therefore well suited to scenarios where criminals can either work out of sight or where they are not fearful of being spotted. It is therefore a generally more secure standard than PAS 24, and designed for door manufacturers withtarget market for high end residential and commercial premises.

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