Urban Front - Contemporary Front Doors UK


Up and Over Garage Doors

Overall Frame Sizes

•  Maximum structural opening – 7000mm wide x 3400mm high


•  Available in limited designs
•  Automated or manual (limited sizes on manual)
•  Choice of all our natural hardwood or painted options
•  Two remote operators per door with multiple functions
•  Motor with integrated locking system resisting up to 300Kgs of force
•  Two multi led light beams

Optional extras

•  For recording temperature and air humidity in the garage. The carriage automatically opens the door a bit if necessary, ensuring perfect circulation. When the optimal value has been achieved, the door is closed, reducing the risk of mould formation.

intelligent control technology
•  This module offers a wide variety of setting options on your smartphone or tablet by means of the Web app.

remote control
•  Four-command transmitter
•  Noticeable quality of radio control system thanks to vibration for confirmation of reception

infra red indicator
•  Infra red indicator for correct parking position

•  Supplied with either clear UV protection lacquer or clear UV protection oil. Maintenance frequency depending on exposure


1 Year manufacturing warranty on Door and Motor

*Please refer to our terms & conditions