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Optional Extras

Although we offer a multipoint lock as standard, there are a lot of options available to you depending on the nature of your build or refurbishment. Do talk to us about what you are trying to achieve and we'll be very happy to offer you some of the various options below or anything else that may be more suitable.

Finger Print Entry


Finger print entry allows you to use up to 100 finger prints coded into the door instead of a key. This is a particularly good option if you have family members who visit regularly, or teenagers who constantly lose their keys. Please note that you would need to be able to provide an electric outlet near the door for this option.

Commercial grade multipoint motorised lock

Burglar resistant - Fire rated - Automatic self locking - Automatic access control ready - this option has a lot going for it and is a good option for large houses where you may be buzzing someone in.

locks motorised 01


Overhead Concealed Door closer

Concealed Overhead Door Closer

These concealed door closers provide a very clean and efficient mechanism which is not visible when the door is closed and only slightly so when the door is open. These work very well for areas where it is essential that the door closes after someone enters, for some fire regulations and also for buildings with a shared entry area.

Sprung Pivot System

We usually advise the installation of a sprung pivot on oversized doors as it allows the door to open at 90 degrees and  to close at a slower pace which is essential when the door is surrounded by glass. Please note however that the pivot is incorporated in a specially made 100mm deep cill.

Electric Latches 

Ideal for use with automatic access control systems available as a standard latch - electric latches seem to be more of a mainstream option now due to most builds using control systems controlled by their phones.

 electric latch21

For more information about any of these products, please do contact our sales team on info@urbanfront.co.uk