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When freshly cut, Iroko has a distinct yellow colour and only changes to a golden brown when exposed to light. With excellent strength properties, it compares well with teak though weaker in bending and in compression. With a medium texture and small moisture movement, it is used mainly for exterior joinery and bridge construction. Iroko shown here without any finish.

woodtypes iroko2


Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is famous for its variation in colour ranging from chocolate brown to reddish brown to salmon pink although the main colour is reddish brown. This wood is moderately very durable and therefore is light in weight and a softer timber than all the other woods listed on this page. It is less resistant to splitting and indentation and can mark very quickly. WRC shown here without any finish.

wrc grain and tree

European Oak

This yellowish-gold brown hardwood is known for its high strength properties and its durability. It's moisture movement is medium and it has a good density with a medium to course texture. It is used for heavy structural use, cladding, exterior and interior joinery, furniture and flooring. European Oak shown here without any finish.

woodtypes euro oak

American Black Walnut

Walnut is dark brown / black or a rich purplish-black colour and has a fine even texture and rather coarse grain. Moderately durable and with a medium moisture movement therefore requires more maintenance than all the other wood types that we offer. It would be a pity not to be able to use such a beautiful wood, so we advise that it is only used in a semi-protected area and maintained more frequently. ABW shown here without any finish.

black walnut tree and grain

Fumed Oak

Fumed Oak is an exciting addition to our wood collection, with its colour ranging from deep brown to honey-brown. These colours coupled with intense blonde streaks occurring throughout the timber from the secondary process of fuming keep it righ and intense. With similar structural properties to our European Oak in its durability, the fuming process of oak was associated for a long time with furniture and flooring and it is a pity that it was not used more on external doors.  It is a beautiful wood with a lot of character that can be used for a more contemporary look. Available for external and internal use. Fumed Oak shown here without any finish.

woodtypes fumed oak

RAL colours

We now offer spray coated RAL finish doors. Read more about the RAL colour chart here

RAL Rainbow 600x300



It is possible to stain any of the hardwoods listed above. If you would like a grey or perhaps an ebony colour but still want to see grain for instance, staining keeps the hardwood visible, please ask any of our Sales team. The image below is of a door in European Oak with a mid grey stain allowing grain to still appear under the colour.  

website ex doors JT03


Specialist Finishes

We can also achieve various specialist finishes including bespoke metal finishes with variations of bronze, rust, vintage bronze and aged silver bronze.

bronze ref101

bronzeref110 111


"Images used by permission, The Wood Database."

With a link to the website: http://www.wood-database.com