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bronze door maintenance

Urban Front uses liquid metal technology to create our bronze doors. Find out more about our recommendations for maintaining this luxury doorset.

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choose a beeswax or lacquered finish to protect the metal coating

There are two ways in which we protect the finish on our metal coated items.

The most popular treatment which we recommend is a coating of Beeswax which our finishing operatives apply to all our finished items (unless otherwise requested by customers). This helps to prevent oxidation and enhances the finish without detracting from the character of the metal. It also protects the surface from miscellaneous light markings, the most common of these being finger marks.

The second treatment is the application of a lacquer. This forms a hard impermeable coating which is extremely durable, prevents oxidation and does not show finger marks. However, the application of a lacquer does tend to detract from the metal effect and can leave the surface looking more like a paint finish than the true metal.


bronze door maintenance Urban Front

maintaining bronze doors with beeswax or lacquered finishes

Choose from the dropdowns below to see the guidelines for general recommended maintenance routines for our metal surfaces.

Please note: any scratch damage should be referred to our factory before any repair work is attempted. We will be glad to send one of our specialists to examine any such damage and recommend a suitable repair technique. We would need to charge for the visit and would then give a quotation for any necessary repairs.

Maintaining beeswax finished bronze doors

The beeswax will assist, to a great degree, in preventing the oxidisation and tarnishing of the true metal. It does not completely eliminate oxidisation, therefore it must be periodically maintained.

We recommend that the surface is treated regularly with an application of beeswax and re-polishing with a clean lint free cloth. The frequency of application depends on the traffic to which the surface is subjected. A door handle may require weekly polishing with beeswax whereas the top of a cabinet may only need a re-waxing every three months or so.

If water is allowed to stand on a beeswax surface for any length of time, this will penetrate the wax coating leading to advanced oxidisation. Spillages should be cleaned up immediately. Again, any serious stain marks arising from un-cleaned spillages should be referred to our office for specialist advice.

Maintaining lacquer finished bronze doors

Under general usage a lacquer surface only needs regular cleaning and polishing in a similar manner to the treatment of a car bonnet.

If a light scratch occurs which only damages the top coat of the lacquer this can be refinished using fine abrasive techniques. If the scratch penetrates the metal coating this can be refinished but does require specialist advice.

Water will generally not penetrate the lacquer surface layer.

what happens if neither protective finish is used?

Metal is a natural product which will oxidise over time and many customers choose the option of allowing the finish to develop in this way. Oxidisation can take on a few forms and colours. The exact effects and the extent of oxidisation can vary from door to door. And the rate of oxidisation can be influenced by external factors such as the amount of exposure the door receives.

This means the colour of your metallic-finished door may change over time from the original colour. Such changes could include but are not limited to: darkening and/or green, white or yellow pigmented-patches.

These possible unique variations are completely normal and part of the beauty of this finish type - just one of the many reasons why it is so popular with our customers.

Urban Front offer in-house bronze door maintenance

Urban Front offers an aftercare service for the maintenance of our finished pieces.

If you would like a quotation for this service, or need any door maintenance advice, please contact our office on +44 (0) 1494 778 787 or use our general enquiry form here.