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Kebony Houses

Our Porto E80 was made bespoke for this project in Kebony

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Ever since we received these pictures, we’ve all been dreaming of living by the sea. This house creates new meaning to sinking your feet in the sand! Stuart Martin, of Walker and Martin Architects, tells us all about these great buildings and how they came about.

The site is on the beach at Camber Sands with the sea to front and sand dunes to the rear. It is a beautiful but sometimes harsh location. The house design required to be both flood resilient and resistant to the sometimes hostile marine location whilst sitting comfortable alongside existing beach houses and the natural backdrop of the changing landscape of the dunes and sea. The main structure is formed from an ICF construction system with an engineered timber upper deck and roof structure in both cases accommodating both efficient construction processes and the difficult logistics of site access. The entire structure was heavily insulated and clad with Kebony timber. The effect of wrapping the entire building in same material visually strengthens the simple form. As the natural material weathers it will become part of the landscape and topography of the beach. Of course the front door is also wrapped in Kebony and becomes the portal to a timber lined hallway completed with the cladding repeated on the inner face of the door.

Stuart Martin