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10 tips for choosing front door handles

Can a handle really elevate your door and make it special? Yes, totally! Handles are functional but choose the right one and you could add drama and create a masterpiece at the same time.

1. Consider the height of the door first and whether or not a long pull handle is right for your door. It's imperative that the door doesn’t look like a commercial front door if it’s for a home and vice versa.  Tip: long pull handles can look commercial if they are too big for the door.  

2. Think unusual design – handles don’t need to be straight or simple. If you're happy to experiment, consider handles that have interesting design (like the branch handle by Philip Watts Design in our gallery) or the beautiful curve of one of our Bronze handles.

3. Finishes are tremendously important so think outside the usual stainless-steel route: you could choose bronze, black or even a colour.

4. Consider a concealed handle if you prefer a very minimalist look where even a handle isn’t visible. Concealed handles are very popular with designers who prefer a more streamlined look with no obvious way to pull a door open.

5. Always think of the practicalities Depending on the type of lock, a pull handle may mean that you can’t open the door without a key. So it may be better to have a lever handle. But a lever handle also means that you’d have to remember to lock the door if the door isn’t self-locking.

6. Lever handles aren't very big, so if you do prefer lever handles to pull handles, keep that in mind. If your door is oversized, the lever could look tiny and a bit out of place! Considering handle size in relation to your door is essential.

7. Handles are better fitted back to back. This is because the handles are connected to each other and the force of usage can’t be weakened like if you fit a pull handle on one side of a door. One-side handles may need frequent tightening.

8. Solid bronze handles are antimicrobial. They have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly – often within two hours or less – and with a high degree of efficiency.

9. Choose the right grade of stainless steel if that's the material/look you want to go for. A minimum of 316 marine grade is the best for longevity and maintenance-free care.

10. Consider getting a handle made by a blacksmith or metal maker if you can't find what you're looking for. 

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