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Material choice: 7 reasons to choose a hardwood door  

Natural hardwood is a hallmark of an Urban Front door. Expert craftsmanship, high-end materials, performance and beauty are guaranteed but there is still much misleading and biased information about wood out there. We’re keen to highlight the truth about this beautiful natural material.  

7 reasons to choose a hardwood door 7
7 reasons to choose a hardwood door - Performance


The beauty of wood is undeniable and ‘fake’ wood made from aluminium or engineered wood will never quite hit the mark. Wood is opulent, warm, and textural and these elements make it extremely hard to replicate. Wood doors are elegant and effortlessly withstand the test of time in terms of style stakes. With natural wood, every door we make, even from the same species, has its own character, and this makes it unique and difficult to replicate with other materials. 


Wood doors have a reputation for sticking and not closing properly over time. This may have been true of traditionally made timber doors 20 years ago but today modern manufacturing techniques, which include steel reinforcement and high insulation, 3D hinges and multi-locking, ensure wood doors perform to the highest of standards. Cared for properly, wood and especially highly durable hardwoods like oak and iroko will outlast most other materials including aluminium.  

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Wood is naturally strong – trees withstand winds and storms after all – and has high durability because it is made from long, thin, strong cells that give it fortitude. History shows us the longevity of items made from timber. Britain’s oldest door is in London’s Westminster Abbey. Historians estimate that the wood was felled after 1032AD, and the door was made during the 1050s during the reign of King Edward the Confessor.  


Wood can be customised, which makes it extra beautiful and versatile. There are many design options, in traditional or contemporary styles, depending on your property. However, aluminium tends to work best with a contemporary finish.  

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Wood is one of the best natural insulators and has a lower thermal conductivity than concrete, steel-frame, and masonry construction. Modern manufacturing techniques enable wood to achieve similar insulation values to aluminium and steel. Wood is the material of choice for sound absorption.  



Responsibly sourced timber is a natural renewable resource – it’s also biodegradable and carbon-positive. We plant two trees for each hardwood door we make. Every new tree planted can offset up to 1 tonne of CO2 emissions over its lifetime.

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Low maintenance  

Hardwood doors need to be looked after but, with a little maintenance, your door will outlast most other materials including aluminium. There are ways to reduce the amount of maintenance you do to very little or none at all. An overhang, porch, or canopy will protect your door for example. If your project is a new build or a renovation, opt for a north-facing location, which means less sun. A door set back and protected by walls will need minimal attention.  


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