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how to choose a door for a house with black cladding

The ‘black house’ has certainly grown in popularity recently. Be it with black larch cladding or Shou Sugi Ban – the original Japanese Cedar cladding that is burnt to beautify, waterproof and preserve wood.

a great example of matching the door to the cladding

There are two schools of thought when it comes to black cladding and choosing a front door:

  1. Match it
  2. Don’t match it

This seems rather simple at first glance!

If you like the idea of a more "hidden" entrance and adding a bit of mystery to the frontage, then matching your front door to the cladding makes sense. 

But if you really want to make your entrance door stand-out, not matching it to your cladding gives you a number of possibilities to create a truly showstopping facade.  

So if you find yourself landing in the second school of thought and are thinking about NOT matching your front door to your black cladding. Then we're keeping it simple for you - check out our top 3 ideas below to help you make the decision.


here a striking yellow door really makes a statement against the black cladding

1. Be Bold

Take advantage of the neutrality of black cladding and opt for a contrasting, eye-catching entrance door.

Primary colours really stand out with a black frame, so choosing a really striking yellow, pink, blue or green would create a bold statement.

not matching the door can create a stunning frontage

2. Opposites attract

Choosing a different hardwood texture and look for your door like Oak or Iroko differentiates and gives your door identity.

Changing up the design of the door to either match the cladding - or not - creates further impact.  

how to choose a door for a black cladded house 10

3. "Wow" finishes

Using bronze or steel adds a wow-factor and helps make a statement entrance. You could even match the door to the cladding in black but then use a bronze or coloured handle to create impact instead.

more door inspiration

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