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how to choose a front door for a rendered house

A rendered house is an increasingly popular contemporary home choice. The great thing about render is that it essentially presents a blank canvas and an enormous number of styling options.

Keep reading to learn more about choosing a front door for a rendered house.

What is render?

Render is simply a first coat of plaster applied to a brick or stone surface. It really is the easiest finish to match a front door to. Whether the windows are white, anthracite grey or even black, on a rendered house, any hardwood door choice will be successful. 

So why are we writing an article about it if it is really that easy? Simply because too much choice means the decision suddenly becomes infinitely harder!

To help, we’ve put together some points to consider that will help you choose the right front door for your rendered house.

1. Make sure you’ve decided on all the internal finishes.

If there is any wood visible from the front door, perhaps from a staircase, a door, or in the kitchen:

a. Consider where it is and what type of wood it is. Consider whether the visible hardwood is in a far enough room not to matter

b. Consider if it is necessary to match to it – it might not be. For example, is there a hardwood staircase or are the internal doors in wood? Do you feel if you mix the woods it would be an issue? Some hardwoods mix well and don’t clash.

c. Consider ignoring all of the internal finishes and go with the door that you think works on the outside elevation the best.

2. Working with mixed materials on the house frontage

Rendered buildings may still have other finishes on a small section of the frontage, like cladding, stone or zinc. In this case, you’ll need to keep in mind how your front door will also work with these. 

Cladding needs extra consideration depending on its finish. If your cladding doesn’t have a protective finish, it will naturally grey and any choice of front door will work with this. 

If you choose a protective finish for the cladding to maintain the colour of the wood or other material, you may prefer to opt for a painted or bronze front door to make it easier to keep the aesthetics intact.  

3. Consider the style of your rendered house

It really helps to match the door style and wood to the design of the house. Although most rendered houses are likely to be contemporary in style, a few have cast stone details and a more traditional feel so not all doors work with them.   

If the house has a classic feel, then going with vertical or horizontal grooves on the door and keeping things simple is a must. However, if the house is contemporary, anything goes in terms of style. This is definitely an option to be bold and not follow the crowd.  

Considering all the above can help you narrow down your options but it’s also a good idea to go with your gut feeling. Whatever attracted your attention first is most probably the best choice you’ll make!

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