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6 top front door trends transforming homes in 2023

Heading into 2023, we're seeing an exciting range of new front door trends emerging (along with a couple of enduring favourites).

Keep reading to see which 6 key trends are driving customer decisions in the new year and beyond.

Trend 1. A door with a story: front doors with “character”

Towards the end of 2022 there was a distinct interest in textured designs and sustainable products. Essentially, anything with provenance.

Our clients were eager to explore ‘something different’ with ‘character’ and it’s safe to say the BARN door made with reclaimed pine is the perfect choice. Learn more about our Barn front door design here.

Trend 2. Timeless charm: black front doors

The new black is certainly attractive because it could be an ebony oil, a burnt black or one of the various black tone RAL colour options available, like brown black, jet black or grey black.

Whether you want to match shou sugi ban cladding or your window colour, black isn’t going anywhere and is a solid choice for 2023. We recommend Oak with ebony oil like the door chosen for the Chartwell Barn project.

Trend 3. Depth & dimension: doors with raised elements

We designed and introduced doors with raised elements a couple of years ago and their popularity continues to grow dramatically. Around 50% of our quotes now include these options.

Textural and elegant, the Bari and Ridge designs elevate an entrance and create a compelling feature.

Trend 4. Beyond aesthetics: doors with understated functionality

Doors that blend into an entrance and don’t stand out are very popular for 2023. Minimal details - like concealed handles and no grooving in the design - help the door to blend into cladding and appear more functional and less of a feature. 

Doors that work really well for this trend are the Raw and Raw V with matching cladding or flush boarded panels - see a fantastic Grand Designs project example here.

Trend 5. Two-tone chic: dual colour front doors

If one colour doesn’t quite cut it, then why not have two? A colour that suits the front of your house and another to suit the interior.

We’ve made more dual-coloured doors in the latter half of last year than ever. You can go bold or choose to dull down the inside colour – the question is with the endless options, how are you going to make that choice? (p.s we can help with that!)

Trend 6. Designing for impact: oversized doors

Oversized doors aren’t new but we are certainly making more of them than ever.

We predict that big and bold will continue to be a growing trend. If you have the space, flaunt your front door by going as wide and tall as possible, up to 1.5 x 3m. These big doors are available on a pivot hinge or standard hinges so you can decide what that walkthrough will look like. 

Browse more oversized door examples here.

The trends of today offer a bold future in door design

The front doors of the future will continue to evolve to become much more than just a functional element of a house.

Design-consciousness and sustainability are trends we expect to become evergreen. And the front door will be viewed more and more as a vehicle to artfully reflect the taste and lifestyle of the homeowners - as well as providing a safe and secure barrier to the outside world. 

As technology and innovation advances at record speeds, a new era of exceptional product design beckons.

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