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Front door ideas for houses with stone

Stone, in all forms, is having a moment and, just like metals, it’s here to stay. It’s a material that works beautifully with contemporary and classic building styles. Hardwood doors look stunning with stone – it’s the texture that works so well together. Mixing textures, different timbers and stone can achieve a spectacular finish.  


How do I choose the right hardwood to work with a stone house?

Start by thinking about all the finishes going on to the façade. Ask yourself: Is there only stone on the building? Is there render or brick too? What colour are the windows and soffits? What are the internal hallway finishes? Will the stone wall continue into the property too? 

1. Once you’ve established these points, it’s easier to choose a hardwood that will work for your home. Here are some tips to help with your decision:   

The front door and cladding are both European Oak - but the different design of the front door helps to create an individual identity
yellow door with different exteror finishes

2. If there are other more dominant materials on the façade, how do I make sure the front door works?  

If you have more timber cladding than stone on the building for instance, it’s helpful to consider a hardwood that works with these elements. Going darker than both is a good option because you won’t clash with either. However, matching works too. You could match the cladding and front door for example but make sure the designs aren’t too similar to give the door its own identity. If there is a smaller area of stone around the front door and the rest of the building is render or one material, matching with the stone is a good option. 

3. Is it a good idea to avoid hardwood if there are already a lot of other materials being used on the building? 

If you have lots of different materials on your property, you may decide that a hardwood front door isn’t your best option. Instead, you could choose to match the door to your windows, opt for another RAL colour on the building, or go for your favourite shade to create a pop of colour. However, if there is a good balance of materials, a hardwood front door could still work. It all comes down to personal style and preference. 

4 v2

4. How can I feel confident about my choices? 

To help you visualise your home, create a render of the building in the colours you are considering.

It’s also useful to use a sample board to see all the finishes together. It doesn’t need to be polished, just placing all the materials side by side is enough. If they don’t work in that scenario, they probably won’t work on a larger scale. Do bear in mind that your front door might be one of the smaller areas so try and scale each material if you can. 

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