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How your home takes care of your well-being

How your home takes care of your well being 2

We often think of our homes as a sanctuary, but have you ever considered the role doors and windows play in boosting your well-being? Read on to find out more.

Doors affect your well-being more than you might think. A high-quality front door offers security and protection from the world, the weather, and any untoward visitors. The elements of a door that can affect your feeling of comfort and safety are mostly related to the locking and the weather sealing. 

A secure door with a high-quality lock helps keep you and your loved ones safe, while doors with high insulation keep out the cold and make your home a warmer place. For example, the ‘clunk’ of an Urban Front door is a reassuring sign of quality and security.

How your home takes care of your well being 1

Internal doors make a difference too: they can open a space for entertaining or create secluded zones for downtime. Sound levels, which can affect wellbeing if noise is unwelcome or too loud, can be managed or kept out (up to 42 decibels). Doors can also protect from fire – just ensure your internal doors are fire-rated up to FD60.

Choosing certain components can also make your life easier and more comfortable and therefore improving wellbeing. Think fingerprint entry, concealed handles, 5-point-locking or motorised locking, concealed hinges, which can’t be easily accessed, and security keys that can’t be copied.

It’s not just about keeping things out though - sidelights can feature alongside your front door to allow light into your hallway. Contemporary homes often feature floor-to-ceiling windows, bifold doors, and skylights to maximise natural light; this is a good idea for many reasons.

How your home takes care of your well being 4

For example, the happy hormone serotonin boosts mood and is released in response to natural light. Exposure to natural light also helps regulate sleep cycles and the production of melatonin, which impacts mental and physical health.

Sunlight is a source of vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium. Windows also control external noise, air quality, and energy efficiency, which can all impact well-being. Just make sure you have quality blackout blinds or curtains so you can keep the light out when you’re sleeping.

For both windows and doors, take your time making your choices, and be sure to consider handles and locking systems to ensure you truly love the finished result. Using something you love will bring you joy every day.


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