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Place your order by 15th October for delivery before Christmas (for hardwood/painted doors). New steel/bronze door orders will be ready for delivery from the New Year.

Barn front door

A designer door with extra sustainable credentials. There's a lot to love about our new "Barn" door.  Handmade in a choice of 2 reclaimed woods, the beauty of this stand-out door lies in the rustic texture and look of the grain. While each piece also comes with its own bit of unique history. 

Our reclaimed wood is substantial & weighty, so it's only possible to use it on one side of the door. Giving you the perfect opportunity to make an individual statement on the internal side. You can choose any of our other designs & colour options to achieve your desired finish (check the gallery to see a couple of examples).

Quick note: we appreciate the name may cause a little confusion if you're looking for an actual barn door! This door is designed as a front/entrance door only.

barn front door options Urban Front 2

type of front door & door specifications

The type of door refers to the opening style of our front doors:

type of door options Urban Front

Door specifications

Available in:

  • e80 hinged
  • e80s hinged
  • e80 pivot
  • e98 passiv
  • e98 flush

View all details about front door specifications here.

door sizes

door sizes:

door sizes urbanfront Standard front door sizes:

  • 1040 x 2100 mm (hinged)
  • 1200 x 2400 mm (pivot)

Bespoke front door sizes:

  • Up to maximum 1500 x 3200 mm 
door configurations

configuration options Urban Front

Urban Front can provide an enormous variety and combination of configuration options:

  • Single or double doors
  • 1 or 2 glass side panels (sidelights)
  • 1 or 2 wood side panels
  • 1 glass overhead panel (storeylight)
  • 1 wood overhead panel
  • Corner glass panel 
front door finishes

Our Barn front door features a choice of 2 beautiful reclaimed woods, pine & oak for the external side. Inside, we recommend a RAL painted finish that complements your interior.

Making the door with reclaimed wood on both sides isn't possible as it becomes too heavy to hang the door safely. The interior side could be made with one of our standard natural hardwoods, like European oak, if you preferred. To discuss this further, call us on 01494 778 787 or let us know when you contact us for a quote.

barn front door finish


front door security

Urban Front:

  • are LPCB & Secured By Design certified
  • use high-security, multipoint locking systems as standard
  • offer additional front door security options, such as fingerprint entry   

Learn more about front door security here.


Front door prices start from £5500 +VAT and range up to and over £10,000 +VAT depending on the size, design, configuration, finish and accessories.

Every unique Urban Front door is carefully handmade to individual, high-end specifications using specially selected materials.

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watch the "Barn" door in action

Brand new in our showroom, this version of our "Barn" door stands at an imposing 3000mm tall x 1367mm wide (we can make all of our doors bespoke to your measurements).

For reference, Urban Front co-founder Elizabeth Assaf stands here at 1590mm tall (5ft 3") to give you a good idea of the epic proportions of this door! 

Click the image to watch.

discover the Urban Front difference

We're on a mission to handcraft individual, innovative, sustainable doors. Doors that defy expectations and leave a legacy that is uniquely Urban Front. Keep scrolling below to watch & learn more.


security & performance

Elizabeth Assaf, co-founder & lead designer at Urban Front guides you through the exceptional security & performance benefits that go into the making of each and every one of our doors.

Click the image to watch our short video.

our doors in detail


the Urban Front story

Powered by a purposeful vision & a passion for bespoke craftsmanship & innovation, Urban Front is a thriving family business based in Buckinghamshire, UK, where every door is handcrafted to the highest specifications in our workshop.

See us in action & learn more about how co-founders Elizabeth & Nabil Assaf turned a simple dream about doors, into a state-of-the-art product.

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