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How to choose the right garage door

Let's face it garage doors aren't the most glamorous thing you'll choose on a project despite the fact they take up such a large area on the front or side of a building.

It's also very easy to just go with the easiest option - the one we all know - up and over garage doors.  More and more of our clients are choosing other options that better suit the building, the design aesthetic and the practical usage.

So, here are a few pros and cons of each type of garage door to help you choose the best option for your project.

1. Should i choose bifold garage doors?

Becoming a lot more popular, automated bifold doors are a go to solution for some properties, here are some details that prove why:

1. A Lower Ceiling Height: up and over doors need a certain amount of height and if this is not suitable then bifold doors are a better option

2. If the space is being used as a gym or an office, the bifold option allows for one of the doors to open by itself and therefore creates more of a room feel than other garage door solutions. It is also considered better insulated than an up and over door would.

3. When the whole internal space is needed, bifold doors are a great solution where other garage doors take up ceiling and wall space with the mechanisms they need. Bi fold doors can also open outwards which leave a whole room free.

4. If there is a slope down to a garage or you are very close to a road with not much space bifolds are a great solution due to the fact that they open to the side.

5. There is only one downside to bifold doors, they can take up to 500mm of space on the side and therefore reduce the opening size in the width. This can be an issue if the clients car is rather large.

6. Bifolds are rather stylish and really do add a flare especially when you see them open.

2. Should i choose side hung garage doors?

Side hung doors work very similarly to bifolds except that they cover a smaller width and take up less space on that width.  A few differences are:

1. They really work well on more traditional buildings which would look odd with a more contemporary garage door solution.

2. They can look like double doors and this can be a benefit for some buildingsThey can be used as a door solution not just for a garage.

3. They can be as tall as 3metres just like front doors and if needed can be automated.

3. Should i choose up and over garage doors?

This may be stating the obvious, but here are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering an up and over garage door:

1. Neat and tidy, up and over garage doors, fit well and have a minimum wastage of space when a garage is being used as a garage.

2. They can be very wide

3. They can be manual or automated

4. They can be in many different materials like glass, wood, aluminium and also match cladding systems on your project.

5. They can be connected to a home automation system