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Will a new front door add value to your house?

We all know the advantages of kerb appeal and the fact that a pretty front door can help improve the frontage and allure of your home.

But can it do more than that? Will investment in a new front door also increase the monetary value of your home? Keep on reading to find out!

A new front door can add value to your home

Will any front door add value to my property?

It’s a fact. Property gurus in the UK and beyond all agree that a new front door is an excellent way to add value to your house.

But do you really need to spend money on a door that is substantially more robust and attractive than UPVC or a standard tongue and groove painted door? After all, a door ‘is a door’ right? 

The truth is that your front door forms an important part of the fabric of a building and quality in performance is just as essential - and valuable - as other main building elements like windows, kitchens and bi-fold doors.  

high quality front doors add value to your home

Property experts agree that front door quality is a priority if you want to add value

Buying habits have changed over the last few years.  We’ve been chatting with some of the developers we work with about the importance of a front door.

Teresa Ralph of TG Designer Homes based in Kent is sure that ‘People are realising the need for quality and are more understanding that it comes at an increased price’.   

When we say quality, we are talking about security, performance and that overall feeling of sturdiness. So for example, if you walk into a house and the door is newly painted, but old, drafty and doesn’t close properly, there is no added value.

In the same vein, if a UPVC door is newly fitted but its locking system is questionable, the result is the same. 

Robin Squire, Regional Managing Director of Acorn Property Group in Bristol believes that there is:  

No doubt at all that buyers are becoming more savvy, the majority - certainly after a particular price point - are looking for better quality, better designed products and are less willing to compromise."

add value to your house contemporary front door

So how does a good quality front door add value to your house?

  • If you are investing in quality you are investing in peace of mind for yourself in terms of security, durability and weather tightness.
  • A front door is the first thing you see and therefore sets the tone to the rest of the property.
  • You are investing in how well the product performs over time in terms of maintenance and functionality – by reducing issues and ensuring longevity of the product.
  • Quality products usually have a considered design which can give you the “Wow” factor and better usability.
  • Specification – high quality doors usually come with standard high security locking with added features like fingerprint entry systems, steel reinforcement to reduce warping (like in Urban Front’s case) and a reliable track record of testing and certification.

Mr. Squire goes on to comment that ‘We have always believed people will pay a premium for a better specification, it’s not just all about built in coffee machines and bling items either, they do really care about the quality of the fabric of the building not just the finishing items.’

As you can see above, there are many advantages to investing in a high quality front door.

Adding value to your property is simple if you make the right choices and spend some time considering all the elements we’ve listed above.

If you are not sure what works within your budget or design frame, we have a great design team who can help you make the right decision be it for a development or your own home.

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