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It's all in the design

As a family business, we value that you are buying a lasting building element for your home and want it to be practical and beautiful. We hope that we enhance your life experience and provide you with a product that you admire every day and every time it’s used.   

When Elizabeth and Nabil Assaf started the business in 2005, they did so out of a need for a contemporary front door. Back then there really wasn’t much available that would work on a refurbished 1970s house. 

So without much experience but with a lot of determination, they launched the company with the purpose of providing stylish natural hardwood doors that looked good but also performed well. It wasn’t an easy task and over the years, they’ve learned everything there is to know about the dos and don’ts of hardwood doors, developing countless ways to enhance performance and keep them beautiful.   

Rondo V e70 in Iroko

The doors started at 45mm thick and are now 80mm and 100mm depending on  the range. This has increased the steel reinforcement, insulation and introduced a ventilation system which has eliminated warping – a typical problem with hardwood.

Lots of design time has gone into the little details, like weathersealing, hinging, security and handles. Not to mention the quality of the woods we use and how they are slowly dry kilned to prevent cracking and movement over time.


Our doors have been tested to very high security benchmarks and meet stringent requirements.  We consider new designs, the quality of our glass, the detail of our frames and the ways in which we can minimalize visible elements to keep the doors attractive. We work closely with architects and designers to achieve all the little but important details that give you the end result you want.  

Elizabeth and Nabil still sign off every single door because quality isn’t always a given and a door checked and double checked is more likely to achieve that high standard we all want to deliver to you. Our team works with you every step of the way for as long as it takes to get the product right so do take advantage of our design service – you can find out more about that in our brochure.  

Investing in an Urban Front door means you are investing in every hour we have spent to make the doors the best that they can be. This is why despite being a British made product our doors are installed all over the world. 

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