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bespoke front doors

Complete your project vision with a bespoke front door from Urban Front.

All our hardwood doors are designed in-house and handcrafted in our UK workshop. Which means we can offer personalised advice & flexibility to help you create your perfect front door.

bespoke front door Urban Front 16 v2

what are the bespoke front door options?

We can offer bespoke services in the following:

  • front door size
  • front door design
  • front door finish
  • front door structural type
  • front door configuration (including glass or wood panels)

or, choose an Urban Front door design & add bespoke options 

Our exclusive range of in-house-developed front door designs, are all available with bespoke options. You can find more details on each product page.

Browse our contemporary front door designs here.

bespoke front door prices

Our standard door prices start from £3400 +VAT.

However, pricing for bespoke options will depend on the nature of your bespoke enquiry. Bespoke options may range from a small extra detail on the frame, a specific finish or a full bespoke design.

Bespoke pricing examples (additional to the standard front door price): 

  1. Special frame rebates for fitting into glass, from £250 +VAT
  2. Dual color door finish, from £600 +VAT
  3. Your own design (if it fits into our production practices and depending on labor hours), from £1000 +VAT


Ready to enquire about a bespoke front door?

Follow the link below to fill out our quick quotation form. Or call our office on (+44) 01494 778 787 and our door experts will be happy to discuss your requirements to give you a quote. 

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bespoke front door examples

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