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About fingerprint entry & other keyless door opening systems

Keyless entry has undoubtedly become one of the most sought after front door upgrades of recent times. Whether you're always forgetting your keys, or you just want the convenience for you and your family, fingerprint entry or similar automated entry systems are top of the list for many clients.

Read on to learn more about further upgrading your door with Urban Front's fingerprint entry system and other useful things to know about keyless entry.

Benefits of fingerprint entry

What keyless entry options do Urban Front offer?

At Urban Front, we use "ekey", Europe's no.1 for fingerprint access solutions. We fit the fingerprint entry system to your door before delivery and then you'll access fingerprint registration and management via the ekey app once the door is installed (see more about installation & fitting in the FAQs below).

What are the main benefits of the ekey fingerprint entry system?

  • Ultra-convenience - no more worries about you or your kids being locked out!
  • No need to share or remember entry codes - this system is 1000 times more secure than 4-digit code entry
  • Remote opening available via the (secure login) app - need to let grandparents or the plumber in, but you're not at home? No problem, just press a button on your phone 
  • Growth in children's fingers is automatically detected
  • + lots more...
Up to 99 fingerprints can be registered for free so you'll have plenty of options for getting all the necessary people set up.

The ekey reader is available in black and stainless steel.

Learn more about our ekey system here.

Fingerprint entry FAQs & important info

What type of lock is required for ekey fingerprint entry?

Our ekey keyless entry system must be purchased in conjunction with our motorised lock. You cannot have it fitted on its own. The motorised lock is an electrical component designed for keyless entry systems that automatically engages the multipoint lock when the door is closed. 

With our standard multipoint lock (non-motorised) your door stays shut on the latch when the door is closed, you need to use the thumb turn on the inside or key on the outside to fully lock and secure the door. The motorised lock does this automatically. 

Keyless entry systems can only work with an electrical based lock as they need to be wired together to work as one.

What happens during a power cut? Will the door be open?

In the event of a power cut, if the door is closed it will automatically stay locked for security purposes - this gives particular reassurance for when you're out of the house. In the unlikely circumstance the door happens to be open at the time of a power outage, the door will remain unlocked.

Either way, the door can still be locked or unlocked manually during a power cut. From inside, this will be as normal by using the thumbturn (this is a fixed, small metal turn that unlocks the door from the inside). From the outside, you can use a standard key (provided) to override the system and unlock the door when the power's out.

What if i want to use a different fingerprint or keyless entry system, instead of ekey?

You can have a different entry system to our ekey fingerprint entry (Control 4 and Savant are other popular 3rd party systems) but as described above, we would still need to fit your door with a motorised lock. We cannot supply another 3rd party entry system and we do not fit or wire onsite - see more about fitting & installation in the dropdown below.  

Our motorised lock will be suitable for most keyless entry systems on the market, let your supplier know that it will be a motorised lock and they will be able to confirm. Or feel free to check with us if you're feeling unsure.

Will Urban Front install the door and wire the ekey/motorised locking onsite?

Urban Front are supply only. Our doors are delivered as full doorsets including frames, hinges, locks, weatherseals + any extras all fitted, but you will need someone to install the door for you (a capable builder, joiner or carpenter can help here).

If you have chosen our ekey & motorised lock system or motorised lock for use with a 3rd party system, all relevant components and cables will be fitted ready for installation - you will need an electrician onsite to complete the wiring.

We provide you with an instruction manual/videos etc to help with fitting.

Can i use motorised locking on its own? I don't want keyless entry but I'd like the door to lock automatically

The motorised lock needs to be connected to an entry system, it can't work on its own with standard key entry (although it can be overridden with a key in the event of a power cut as described in the point above).

However, if the idea of the lock automatically engaging appeals but you don't want or need keyless entry, we also have a self-locking version that is mechanical instead of electrical. This works in the same way as the motorised version in that the lock will engage when you close the door, but you will still use a key to unlock the door, rather than using a fingerprint or code. This lock will not require an electrician onsite.

Can i have fingerprint entry on a hinged or pivot door?

Yes to both! The only difference for you between the 2 opening styles is the placement of the fingerprint reader. 

On a hinged opening, this will be on the door itself. On a pivot opening, it will be on the frame.

How much does it cost for ekey fingerprint entry and/or motorised locking?

The price of the systems and fitting into your door for delivery:

ekey fingerprint entry and motorised locking, £1710 +VAT 

Motorised locking for 3rd party entry system, £870 +VAT

As mentioned above, these prices are supply only, you will need a door installer and electrician onsite to complete door/lock fitting.

(prices correct as of May 2022, please check with our sales team for most up-to-date pricing)

Watch our fingerprint entry in action here in our gallery. You're always very welcome to visit our Buckinghamshire showroom to see this door in person too if you can.

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