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Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors

Who said Up and Over garage doors have to be boring? We certainly have tried to make them a little more interesting than just the standard horizontal or vertical boarded doors. We can just about match any of our front door designs to our garage doors but some are trickier than others so do please check with us. We've recently updated our up and over doors to include some more amazing features, you can read more below.

specs up over garage 02 600x400

garage doors milano
Above: Milano front door and matching up and over garage door. See more on the Gold House case study page.

UF 03 17 036 dgAbove: Parma up and over garage door. 

Overall Frame Sizes

•  Maximum structural opening – 5000mm wide x 2500mm high


•  Available in limited designs
•  Automated 
•  Choice of all our natural hardwood or painted options
•  Two remote operators per door with multiple functions
•  Motor with integrated locking system resisting up to 300Kgs of force
•  Two multi led light beams

Parma uo 850x570

Optional extras

•  For recording temperature and air humidity in the garage. The carriage automatically opens the door a bit if necessary, ensuring perfect circulation. When the optimal value has been achieved, the door is closed, reducing the risk of mould formation.

specs up over garage 03 600x400

intelligent control technology
•  This module offers a wide variety of setting options on your smartphone or tablet by means of the Web app.

remote control
•  Four-command transmitter
•  Noticeable quality of radio control system thanks to vibration for confirmation of reception

infra red indicator
•  Infra red indicator for correct parking position

specs up over garage 04 600x400

•  Supplied with either clear UV protection lacquer or clear UV protection oil. Maintenance frequency depending on exposure


1 Year manufacturing warranty on Door and Motor

*Please refer to our terms & conditions